NETePay/GIFTePay: Integrated Payments For PC-Based POS

Source: Datacap Systems, Inc.

NETePay/GIFTePay software provides Point of Sale applications with the ability to process integrated credit, debit, check, EBT, FSA, gift, eCommerce and loyalty transactions directly to virtually all payment processors in North America via one, simple interface without per-transaction gateway fees.

NETePay/GIFTePay can run on any Windows-based Point of Sale workstation, tablet, or device for true payments flexibility.

All Processors

NETePay/GIFTePay supports all payment processors in North America. No individual development, certifications or per-transaction fees

NETePay/GIFTePay Device Compatibility

NETePay drives EMV devices on behalf of the Point of Sale app, so Datacap partners' apps never come into contact with card data

As more devices are certified, POS partners gain instant access without additional development. 

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