News | May 21, 2014

NetEnrich's Enterprise Command Center Empowers IT Professionals To Increase Service Levels And Lower Total Cost Of Operations

IT pros report a more than 30% reduction in operational costs; up to 90% improvement in IT services automation; and, a more than 40% reduction in mean time to repair

NetEnrich, Inc. recently announced several enhancements to its Enterprise Command Center (ECC) framework, including a more advanced dashboard, additional access control and reporting features, as well as greater automation and metrics. The new enhancements to the ECC, which is powered by the award-winning Vistara IT operations platform, bring more business value to NetEnrich clients and partners and strengthen the company’s position as a leading global provider of world-class industrialized IT Operations services that mitigate risk with IT operations, increase IT’s relevance and drive business innovation.

“The complexity associated with implementing cloud, virtualization and mobility solutions, coupled with a growing demand for a better user experience are driving today’s enterprises, as well as large-scale system integrators, and IT solution providers to identify new ways to simplify and mitigate risk with their IT operations,” says Raghu Kamath, Vice President, Enterprise Business Unit, NetEnrich. “The linear model for IT operations management is no longer viable, and forward-thinking IT organizations and professionals must adopt new approaches to IT operations management that support complete visibility and mitigate risk across the entire IT infrastructure.”

Available throughout North America, the enhanced features and functionality available through the NetEnrich ECC framework include:

  • Custom Metrics: Organizations can experience lower downtime, faster mean time to repair (MTTR), and higher customer satisfaction through custom, user-defined metrics for multiple IT services both at the business process and technical level.
  • Customizable Dashboard: Each user can now customize the content and layout of the dashboard through a palette of standard widgets, which helps increase first-to-know and first-touch resolution rates.
  • Scheduled Reports: Users can now configure a common reporting schedule across all business units or clients, and run these reports on a user-defined schedule, or on-demand, which improves visibility, control and governance of the IT environment.
  • Event Correlation and Advanced Analytics:  Users can better assess the impact of an event or alert including how it impacts the device group to which is belongs, sites that access the device, services & business processes in which the device participates, and service level associated with the device.
  • Role-based Access: IT administrators can assign users different sets of permissions for the same device, or device group, complementing multi-tenancy capabilities to further enable IT operations teams to offer common operations management functions as elastic shared services, to multiple lines of business.
  • SKU Management Reports: Business units, system integrators, and IT solution providers benefit from the true implementation the IT-as-a-Service-Provider model by implementing chargeback models and managing SKUs across clients, sites and devices in finer levels of granularity.
  • Enhanced Security: Further restrictions of user access to device credentials to a “need-to-know” basis only.

“These and other features available through our Enterprise Command Center, have helped our clients and partners to increase IT services automation by up to 90%, and reduce IT operations costs by an average of more than 30%, and reduce mean time to repair by more than 40%, while driving innovation and increasing IT’s relevance to the business,” says Kamath. “Furthermore, our approach has helped clients and service providers to free up Level 3 engineering talent by up to 40% so that they can shift focus from routine IT operations or firefighting, to more strategic projects that add greater value to the business.”

NetEnrich’s ECC is powered by Vistara, an award-winning cloud operations platform that simplifies the adoption and management of cloud-based solutions and hybrid IT environments by federating the remote management of on-premise clouds, virtual private clouds, public clouds and IT tools into a single dashboard. Recently, Vistara was named a ‘Cool Vendor in IT Operations, 2014” by Gartner, Inc. 

NetEnrich will be demonstrating its Enterprise Command Center at the Gartner IT Infrastructure & Operations Management Summit on June 9-11, 2014 in Orlando, Fla. During the event, NetEnrich will also demonstrate some of the new ways it is empowering IT operations leaders to drive innovation.

About NetEnrich

NetEnrich combines utility-like services with an automation platform and analytics for a new world IT operations approach. Offering remote infrastructure management (RIM) services for enterprises, mid-size and small businesses, NetEnrich leverages proprietary technologies, automation analytics, and integrations to help IT organizations mitigate risk, increase relevance and drive business innovation. While NetEnrich focuses on remote service delivery, its go-to-market channel partners, which include VARs, system integrators and solution providers, provide the local IT consultancy, architectural know-how, deployment services and last-mile support. NetEnrich offers a secure ISO 27001 certified IT Operations Center working 24x7x365. For more information, visit 

SOURCE: NetEnrich, Inc.