News Feature | July 1, 2014

MSPs Will Find Resources At GFI MAX 2014 Conference

By Cheryl Knight, contributing writer

GFI MAX 2014 Conference

GFI MAX is planning its MAX 2014 Conference in Orlando, FL, on September 8-10, 2014.

As managed services providers (MSPs) work to build competitive, successful businesses, they are identifying ways to differentiate themselves, build recurring revenue streams, and to set and reach goals that move their businesses forward.

In April at Channel Transitions West, powered by Business Solutions magazine, Todd Haugland lead sales engineer for GFI MAX told solutions providers that the company understands the questions and challenges MSPs face — questions about IT markets, reducing operating costs, and increasing revenue. “Our entire team has been where you are,” Haugland said.  He encouraged MSPs to position themselves as “outsourced CIOs,” managing the user experience for their clients.

He also shared research that shows businesses are demanding backup and disaster recovery, virtualization, and cloud computing services — and they want someone to provide a solution and manage it. Those attending the September conference can expect presentations on trends within the industry and best practices developed by those who have experienced firsthand many of the problems facing the MSPs today. The conference will offer discussions, including roundtables with executives from GFI MAX, panel discussions, technical sessions and presentations, and 10-minute “lightning” talks centered on the topics that most concern IT providers and MSPs. The conference also offers attendees the opportunity to network and to learn from their peers.

Alistair Forbes, general manager of the GFI MAX business unit says, “Our first three series of customer conferences have been an unquestionable success, and this year we have continued to expand the scale and value of the events. We have introduced breakthrough new capabilities in our products in the last year and we look forward to sharing all the information on these and our future plans with our customers.”

“Every organization has the potential to improve the way it does business and by bringing our customers together each year, we provide the opportunity not only to learn about the future of the MAX platform and industry best practices, but also to network with and learn from each other, gaining practical and actionable real-world advice on how to deliver outstanding service to their clients and accelerate the growth of their business. In addition, our team has an unparalleled opportunity to hear directly from our customers on their evolving needs, providing insight that helps us to direct further development of our product offerings and to address developing opportunities and needs in the industry,” Forbes explains.