Video | March 5, 2012

Simplify! One MSP's Change From Three Separate Backup Solutions To One

Source: Axcient

Throttlenet - Mike Heil, CEO

In Brief

  • Chose Axcient's unified, reliable solution for backup, offsite, and virtualization
  • Reduced management time and costs required by third-party solutions
  • Significantly reduced maintenance and support costs
  • Extended cost savings and peace of mind to customers

With Axcient, Throttlenet was able to unify their backup and business continuity offering, cut down on their maintenance time, and pass the savings and peace of mind on to their customers.

Throttlenet is a Managed Service Provider servicing the financial, medical, real estate, legal, industrial, retail, and professional services markets. With over 300 customers in the Missouri area, Throttlenet was experiencing challenges with the time and costs associated with managing various third party solutions for their customers' backup and business continuity needs.

To overcome these challenges, Throttlenet chose Axcient's reliable, unified solution for backup, business continuity, and disaster recovery. In addition to first-rate virtualization and offsite capabilities, Axcient also provides Throttlenet with fantastic sales, technical, and marketing support, and saves them time and money on the management and maintenance of the service.

"Axcient has allowed us to spend far less time verifying backups and testing backups, which means we can pass those savings along to our MSP customers through price breaks and peace of mind."