Case Study

MSP Netsurit Moves 12,000 Devices To N-able

Source: Solarwinds MSP

Listed as one of the Global Top 100 managed service providers (MSPs) by MSP Mentor for three years running, Netsurit has experienced exceptional growth since its founding 15 years ago. With 150 employees and more than 160 clients across South Africa, the MSP uses remote monitoring and management (RMM) technology to make its business thrive.

Initially, the firm made use of an RMM solution offered by a well-known provider. “It started out great, but when they implemented a major upgrade, the new release no longer met our needs,” says Louwki Coetsee, support manager for Netsurit.

Ready for a change, Netsurit next moved to another major provider’s RMM platform, but the MSP eventually found that the vendor didn’t deliver on its promises, and had a “my way or the highway” approach to business. The last straw came when a major upgrade fell far below the MSP’s expectations. A change was needed and the right choice would ultimately be teaming with N-able by SolarWinds®, the global RMM leader.

Working Together to Get It Done

From the beginning, Netsurit embraced N-able’s N-central®, the IT channel’s #1 RMM and MSP service automation platform, working to quickly transition all of its customers to the new environment. Coetsee and his team moved more than 12,000 devices to N-central in six months’ time -- an impressive effort that earned the firm global recognition as “MSP of the Year” at N-able’s 2012 Montreal Partner Summit.

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