Case Study

MSP Moves Medical Billing Company From 26 Servers To Cloud, Virtualization

Bernadette Wilson

By Bernadette Wilson


The Challenge

APS Medical Billing Specialists based in Wareham, MA, relies on its technology infrastructure to offer cutting edge services. With clients across the U.S., APS provides medical billing and revenue cycle management services with a major concentration in the field of radiology. APS had 26 servers powering individual services such as business intelligence, reporting, and line of business applications. The servers were aging — which was resulting in performance issues — and some servers were running Microsoft Windows Server 2003, and it’s end of service this year necessitated change to keep systems secure and HIPAA compliant.

The Solution

APS turned to its managed services provider (MSP) for a solution. Kirill Bensonoff, principal at, says the companies had worked together for eight or nine years, taking APS through a number of tech transitions. Leading up to 2015, once again, they planned together for an upgrade. “We have regular conversations with our clients about where to go next,” Bensonoff says, explaining that one staff member at ComputerSupport has the title of “business technology advisor”, working with engineers and customers to look at needs, to work on a strategy and budget, and to develop a plan to complete the project.

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