Article | January 29, 2020

MSP Industry Trends To Watch For In 2020

Source: IT Glue

By Jonathan James, IT Glue

The Top Trends Influencing Automation In The Life Science Industry 2018

Yes, it’s another one of these forward-looking new year posts. But we’re extremely confident ours will prove to be more accurate than the rest. In 2019 there were 3 notable trends that give indication of what can be expected in the coming year.

Flexible Services

The basic services your MSP offers will have to evolve with the technology landscape. This doesn’t necessarily mean expanding your service offering, but rather ensuring that your services are flexible enough to support a client as they add, subtract or evolve their technological ecosystem. Whether a client wants to change the balance of their hybrid cloud services, add additional IoT devices, or suddenly prioritize disaster recovery—it’s your job to support these actions. Your MSP needs to be nimble enough to modify their IT infrastructure to allow these changes, or be able to execute those changes yourself. The days of rigid processes are gone, and replaced with the necessity for agility.

Market Saturation

An increasing amount of people are realizing that it’s relatively easy to get in the MSP game—especially in areas with a growing economy that supports the creation of new companies. As new offices are established, there will be an increasing demand for service providers who will design, build, and maintain IT infrastructure. As more players enter the market, of course, competition will intensify. This creates a lot of “noise” in the marketplace, making it incredibly difficult to get your voice heard.

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