Case Study

MSP Enhances Antivirus And Client Management Process

Source: AVG Business

This case study takes a look at Pits, Williams, LaRosa & Company (PWLC), an IT consulting company that provides services to Seymour Engineering, a civil engineering firm. Seymour Engineering has worked with PWLC for over eight years and during that time AVG Antivirus has protected the IT network consisting of 15-20 computers. When it came time to renew AVG Antivirus licenses at Seymour, Jeff Mortensen, the company’s point-of-contact at PWLC, was among the first resellers in the US to demo the new AVG CloudCare.

Jeff took this as an opportunity to further enhance the antivirus and client management process for both companies. After seeing the value provided by AVG CloudCare, Seymour Engineering quickly upgraded. “We trust Jeff’s recommendations so we were happy to make the change to something that he stood behind and create an even better experience for all of us,” shared Amelia Dye, an engineer overseeing much of the day to day operations at Seymour Engineering. In a short time, Seymour Engineering was up and running with AVG CloudCare.

“So far, I’ve really enjoyed the notifications feature. I found out during the move to AVG CloudCare that one employee had not performed a scan in several months. Knowing that computer had been unprotected for that long was concerning, but now, I’ll never have that panic again. I have peace of mind to know that all the computers are being scanned, and both Jeff and I are notified immediately if something abnormal goes on,” Dye said.

To read more about the benefits Seymour Engineering gained from their upgrade to AVG CloudCare, download this case study below.