Case Study

MSP Easily Updates And Manages Clients' Antivirus In The Cloud

Source: AVG Business

Trimen Industries of Belgium, Wisconsin is a “one-stop shop” that powder paints, web paints, assembles and ships parts and goods. Trimen Vice President Charlene Watry has been with the company since its inception in 1993. The company has always used LLC Corporation as their IT partner. Trimen Industries is one of the first companies with a network protected by AVG CloudCare.

The Situation:

Trimen Industries has 84 employees, 15 computers and one server. Efficiency, preciseness and productivity are key to the company’s continued success so it is imperative that the network works at optimized speed and high security.

Trimen Industries was using another brand of antivirus protection, and both Trimen and LLC Corporation became concerned when viruses started going undetected.

“With the other brand we would get viruses that would just wipe out information and our users would lose it. Not only was this loss of work a problem, but it took time and resources on behalf of our employees and LLC Corporation technicians to fix the problems,” Watry recalled.

The Solution:

LLC Corporation was one of the first resellers to take part in the AVG CloudCare Limited Availability Release, and switched Trimen Industries to AVG CloudCare.

To learn more about the benefits Trimen gained from switching to AVG CloudCare and their experience with the implementation, download this case study below.