Case Study

MSP Easily And Profitably Fulfills Role As The IT Service Department For SMBs

Source: Continuum

Small business owners and managers frequently find they have to be a “jack of all trades” when it comes to getting through a day at work. But some tasks are easier to figure out (or bluff your way through) than others, and unless one has a knack for information technology, keeping a computer network functioning at an optimal level definitely falls on the more difficult end of the spectrum.

It’s these “fish-out-of-water” managers and entrepreneurs that NSI in Naugatuck, Conn., is trying to help.

“We look at organizations that have a ‘slash’ person,” says NSI President Tom McDonald. “That’s an office manager or an owner who is also the slash-IT person. Usually they just sort of fell into the job because no one else was able to handle it.”

“We see it a lot with healthcare. They are prime candidates,” Tom says. “They need technology and they need to leverage it to be successful and they just don’t have the in-house people to do it. They’re looking for companies like NSI who can do the work for them and do it better and at a much lower cost.” Tom also notes that his customer base includes a good bit of business from the public sector— especially K–12 education.

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