Case Study

MSP Chooses Cloud BDR For Data Backup Security And Management

Source: CloudBerry
IT Security Experts Prefer Integrated, Cloud-Delivered Security

 Los Angeles-based Ariento provides fully managed IT services and cybersecurity solutions to more than a thousand small businesses spread across the United States. The company allows small business owners to focus on running their businesses, while Ariento handles all of their IT needs

Challenges: Security-Centric Backup

Because cybersecurity forms a core part of Ariento’s mission, delivering data backup solutions that minimize cybersecurity risks for their customers is a priority.

The need for secure data backups required Ariento find a backup solution that enables backup data to be distributed across multiple geographic regions. Geographic distribution provides a higher degree of data reliability and availability in the event of a cyber attack, because it keeps backup data available even if a breach compromises one of the data centers.

“Geographically dispersed backup is a requirement in the cybersecurity world,” - Chris Rose, a partner at Ariento.

Fine-tuned control over backup processes was also a priority for Ariento. The company wanted to be able to specify, at a granular level, exactly when backups occurred, how long data would be retained, while managing access control policies for data backups.