Download | December 13, 2012

MSP Business Runbook - NOC and Service Desk Operations

Source: Solarwinds MSP

Hiring and Training Technical Staff

The chapters of this eBook will cover effective means for writing employment ads that attract the right talent, using DISC behavioral profiles before interviewing prospective NOC and Service Desk staff to make certain the outsourced service provider or internal service manager is interviewing the right candidates, how to interview these candidates and which questions to ask, along with creating an offer letter and employment agreement and developing a compensation plan and training requirements.

Writing Effective Employment Ads for Technical Staff

Writing an employment ad for technical staff may be the first HR act an outsourced service provider or internal service manager performs in the search for talent. Let’s take a moment to understand the motivating factors behind technically-oriented people. Technical staff’s ideal work environment may include challenging technical work, ongoing training opportunities and a team approach to problem solving and solution design and delivery, along with appreciation and respect for their contributions to the team; with high monetary incentives ranking lower on the list of requirements when seeking employment, or in their decision to remain with their current employer. Technicians’ behavior normally falls into the Coordinator/ Supporter/ Relater areas of a DISC (behavioral) profile. A DISC profile is a psychometric testing technique that uses a simple questionnaire as a basis for revealing insights into a person’s normal, adapted and work behaviors, and we will explore utilizing DISC profiles to our advantage during the hiring process in the next chapter.

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