Guest Column | January 10, 2014

MSP Automation: Five Reasons It Matters for Today's MSPs

By Mike Cullen, Senior Vice President, Sales, N-able by SolarWinds

There’s a shared sense that we’ve reached a major inflection point in the managed service provider (MSP) industry. A perfect storm of change has already made its mark, indicating that the immediate future is unlikely to resemble the past. So if you’re feeling the effects of cloud, mobile computing, IT anywhere, commoditization, and other movements that have turned the IT world upside down, then hold on tight — get ready for even more change in the next two years.

But don’t fear that change. Embrace it. Change always brings explosive op­portunities and challenges. The way I see it, automation will unlock the key to a successful business and technology roadmap for today’s MSPs in the year ahead, and my biggest recommendation for anyone that wants to seize the day in this fast-moving market is to automate everything —  as quickly as possible. With that in mind, here are five reasons why automation matters to today’s MSPs:

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