Magazine Article | March 24, 2010

From The Editor: More Than Ever, VAR Programs Are Evolving

By Mike Monocello, Chief Editor, Business Solutions magazine.

When you consider the VAR partner programs created by vendors, it's easy to feel that there's little difference from vendor to vendor. After all, most have a tiered system based on the amount of business you do with them. The more volume, the better your margins and access to additional benefits such as marketing co-op funds, training, etc. While many vendors do have similar programs, it's very important for you to realize that recently many vendors have made considerable changes to their programs due to the economy of 2009 and other conditions. Indeed, some vendors have altered their program structures to give you higher margins, reward loyalty, and increase education to make their resellers smarter and better equipped to gain market share in 2010.

Used with permission from Business Solutions magazine.