News | June 29, 2017

Monetary LLC President Shelley Plomske Elevated To CEO

Monetary LLC Chairman Jeff Katz recently announced that Shelley Plomske, co-founder and president, is assuming the role of CEO in addition to her other duties. Monetary rolled out its connected commerce platform for POS developers and dealers earlier this month.

Plomske has helped shape the payment processing industry. She was one of the first employees and later CTO at Mercury Payment Systems, and helped build that organization for more than nine years. Her vision for Monetary expands on payment processing functionality by using payment data as a part of an integrated platform that allows POS developers and dealers to offer their merchants customized ‘big brand’ customer experiences and increased revenue.

“Shelley’s vision and passion have shaped Monetary over the last two years. As CEO, she will have an expanded ability to grow the company and continue the development of the Monetary platform,” said Katz. “Her oversight on gateway, acquiring services and other value-added products will give us the ability to deliver unique solutions to our customer base.”

“I am proud of our outstanding Monetary team that has worked with me to raise the bar in the payment processing industry. We just achieved our first major milestone. As CEO, I plan to expand upon this success. Over the next few months I plan to build out our team and our offering. Monetary will continue to add products and services that will redefine and energize POS as the base from which a host of value-added services can develop.”

About Monetary LLC
Monetary LLC, headquartered in Denver, Colorado, brings proven leadership in payment services and marketing automation to provide a sophisticated digital management platform that offers quantifiable benefits for developers, merchants and consumers. Monetary provides the platform from which developers can deliver to small- to-medium-sized merchants the kind of highly profitable and personalized web and mobile experiences for customer outreach and retention that were once restricted to only the highest tier of online merchants. Monetary aims to eliminate the information silos caused by data collection from numerous independent applications by simplifying integration and synchronization of data from multiple channels to provide the business intelligence necessary to create a better customer experience and increase revenues. For more information, visit 

SOURCE: Monetary LLC