News | April 8, 2013

MOBOTIX Announces Integration With Wavestore VMS

VMS solution provides dewarping software ideal for use with MOBOTIX hemispheric cameras

MOBOTIX Corp., an industry-leading provider of high-resolution, network-based surveillance systems, recently announces its enhanced integration with Wavestore V5 video management software. The technical collaboration allows MOBOTIX to pursue opportunities within the hybrid and legacy systems market due to Wavestore’s support of analog surveillance cameras.

The integration offers MOBOTIX resellers and customers the opportunity to leverage existing investments as they transition to IP technologies. WavestoreUSA clients can now take advantage of the cost savings derived from hemispheric and 360-degree cameras from MOBOTIX. A single 360-degree camera enables customers to save on infrastructure and security personnel because it reduces the number of cameras required for a typical surveillance installation.

Wavestore V5 facilitates the viewing and recording of original fisheye images captured by the MOBOTIX Q24 hemispheric camera, andsimultaneously displays dewarped views alongside captured images from other cameras in a multi-image display. The original pictures captured by the 360-degree cameras are stored unaltered in case video data must be presented in a court of law. A single 360-degree image is transmitted regardless of how many dewarped views are being displayed on the WaveView client, saving bandwidth and ensuring very fast image updates and a streamlined user experience.

Joint customers will also benefit from the decentralized MOBOTIX concept, which incorporates a high-speed computer into every camera to reduce network bandwidth. Video is processed in the camera itself, and images do not have to be transferred continuously. The integration between WavestoreUSA and MOBOTIX allows for the combination of high-resolution and decentralizedstorage benefits with the open architecture, scalability and reliability ofadvanced VMS functionality.

“This technical relationship demonstrates our commitment to the industry and market demands,” said Mike Scirica, Vice President of Marketing and Sales, WavestoreUSA. “As an open-platform solution, V5 can combine MOBOTIX cameras, including hemispheric cameras with legacy analog or new IP video cameras, into a single, user-friendly platform to provide greater functionality and ease of use. Our integration with MOBOTIX is an importantstep toward delivering customers with more flexible and scalable recording and processing options.”

“Our partnership with Wavestore demonstrates our collective commitment to providing customers with a variety of surveillance options that deliver unmatched video quality, ease of management and integration, while allowing users to maximize existing investments,” said Steve Gorski, General Manager, Americas, MOBOTIX Corp.

MOBOTIX is a software company with in-house hardware development in the area of digital, high-resolution and network-based videosecurity solutions. The company focuses on the development of user-friendlycomplete system solutions from a single source. The publicly-traded companywith headquarters in Langmeil, Germany, is known as the leading pioneer in network camera technology since its foundation in 1999 and its decentralized concept has also made high-resolution video systems cost-efficient. From 2010 onwards, MOBOTIX will extend its product range to include intelligent home automation products that are developed in-house. Whether in embassies, airports, railway stations, ports, gas stations, hotels or highways, over one hundred thousand MOBOTIX video systems have been in operation on every continent for years.