White Paper

Mobile Workforce Automation

Recent mobility technology advances have significantly improved the way mobile workforces are managed. Service-level agreement compliance, worker duty of care, and accuracy of service/sales/asset records are some of the key investment drivers in mobile workforce solutions. The following critical technology elements of a successful mobility deployment are covered in this paper:

  • Real-time data for decision support
  • Intelligent worker routing and alerting
  • Instant remote worker communication
  • Simple capture of asset and inventory data
  • Mobile device reliability in the field
  • Ease of use through ergonomic design
  • High-quality imaging, photography and video
  • Remote mobile estate device management


Innovations in mobile workforce technology today go well beyond simple data capture and information retrieval in the field and on the road. The core benefits of class-leading solutions are enhanced efficiency and productivity, faster customer response times and a higher level of customer satisfaction.

Improvements start with workforces that are equipped with mobile computers that provide instant access to each customer’s order history, service records, and product service history, as well as inventory technical data and the ability to be directed to the next appointment or task without manual intervention.