News Feature | May 29, 2014

Mobile Presence Technologies Can Benefit Your QSR Clients

By Cheryl Knight, contributing writer

Mobile And QSR Clients

Every day, millions of Americans across the nation visit Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs). Some find their food ready just moments after they arrive at the restaurant —thanks to advances in mobile technologies.

Mobile Presence Technology

QSRs are among the verticals leveraging mobile presence technologies, including geo-fencing, location-aware check-ins, near field communications (NFC), Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth Smart to keep tabs on the location of restaurant patrons. For example, with geo-fencing or Bluetooth Smart, a perimeter is set around a restaurant’s location. When a restaurant customer’s mobile device crosses this perimeter, it automatically prompts preparation of the order placed on the restaurant’s app, so the food is ready sooner. Benefits to your restaurant customer include cost savings: the solutions helps reduce mistakes that can happen when employees transfer orders from customer to server to machine. And, if the customer doesn’t show up inside the restaurant perimeter, the food is never prepared, reducing waste.

Another solution requires the mobile device user to physically check in by scanning a QR code with their device upon arrival at the restaurant.

An application of beacon technology is sending targeted offers to QSR customers. When the restaurant patron arrives, a beacon transmitting Bluetooth low energy recognizes them and can send offers. The patron then can order directly from the mobile device — and even pay — saving time for the patron and the restaurant.

Along with other merchants, restaurants can use NFC for payments, but can also use the technology to take orders. If a restaurant patron makes an order on an app on a mobile device, NFC could allow them to transmit the order by waving the device near a reader. It could also provide a way to redeem or collect loyalty points or other rewards. 

Olo, a mobile presence technology app developer, has produced a white paper on the topic of mobile presence technology  Noah Glass, CEO and founder of Olo, tells Restaurant News,  “In the white paper, our team of experts outlines the top mobile presence technologies, explains the uses and benefits in the context of QSR operations, and reviews the pros and cons of each.”

With an increasing number of restaurants warming up to the idea of providing better and faster service for their customers, VARs can expect mobile presence technologies to take off in the future.  VARs prepared to serve up these solutions will be the ones who get the orders.