4 Mobile POS Mistakes To Avoid

Bernadette Wilson

By Bernadette Wilson

BSM-cloud card swipe

Business Solutions magazine recently interviewed High Meadow Business Solutions for the article “Profit By Offering Mobile POS To Smaller Merchants.” High Meadow is the ISV that developed RetailEdge POS (point of sale) and inventory management software solution as well as Island Mobile POS software, which allows retailers to use tablets and laptops as mobile POS stations. The solution includes remote credit card processing and enables users to track sales, inventory, and customer data.

Bill Breed, sales manager at High Meadow, provides a list of common mistakes resellers make when providing mobile POS systems to their customers:

  • The solution doesn’t provide the data the customer needs. High Meadow gets a number of inquiries from customers and resellers who want to switch from systems that only provide some of the data they are looking for and that only offer program subsets on mobile devices.
  • The customer’s connectivity does not support the solution. Many customers have only 3G instead of Wi-Fi or have only temporary (disconnected) connections.
  • The solution is not secure. Mobility adds another layer of issues that need to be considered, including encrypting credit card data, disabling independent returns, and secure transaction data storage.
  • The solution doesn’t operate on the correct platform. Is the customer’s OS Windows, iOS, or Android? Seems simple and like common sense, but don’t overlook this one.