Magazine Article | June 21, 2011

Guest Opinion: Mobile Marketing 101

By Travis Priest, CEO, Sundrop Mobile

As Generation Y, the "Millennials," finish college and begin entering the workforce, they bring with them a penchant for technology. Consider that this generation grew up with consumer technology as a natural part of their everyday lives: the World Wide Web was introduced before they were yet teens; GPS satellites were launched; DVD players became commonplace; the Palm Pilot and BlackBerry phones started becoming popular; and the iPod exploded on the scene. All of this took place before anyone in this generation stepped foot into college.

Briefly touch the fast forward button for 10 years and we find ourselves today sitting on a revolution as big (or bigger) than the growth of the Internet in the 1990's — the proliferation of mobile devices and astonishing growth of social media usage. On a planet inhabited by roughly 6.9 billion human beings, there are over 4.6 billion mobile phone users. That means over two-thirds of the entire world's population carry a mobile phone. There are over 600 million active users of Facebook alone. If Facebook were a nation, it would be the world's third largest and twice the size of the United States.