Guest Column | October 14, 2015

Mobile Content Is Getting Enterprise Attention

By John Mancini, CEO, AIIM

Mobile Content Gets Enterprise Attention

Enterprises have been looking at mobile ECM for a while, but AIIM’s CEO John Mancini believes is the time for the channel to get serious about the technology as the market continues to expand.

Many enterprises are still struggling to get to grips with the concept of mobile content, and the channel is well placed to help them through this enormous transformation stage as they look to deploy mobile and cloud enterprise content management (ECM).

Business leaders are all too aware of the necessity of being part of the mobile content revolution. In a recent AIIM study, more than three-quarters of business executives surveyed said they need to embrace mobile applications fast, or get left behind or find employees using workarounds of their own under the radar of the IT departments.  

Yet just 10 percent of those surveyed have a successful BYOD (bring your own device) program up and running, whilst an astonishing four in ten have no mobile access to content in their organizations. The positive news, however, is that ECM in the cloud deployment is more mature, with around three-quarters of those surveyed likely to be using some form of cloud ECM within the next four years — whilst, 26 per cent are running ahead of the pack and using cloud ECM already.

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