Article | June 20, 2018

Mobile Battery Recycling: A Win-Win For VARs And Clients

Source: Global Technology Systems, Inc.
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Recycling has always been essential for our environment, but now this practice yields a unique opportunity for VARs. Many modern organizations utilize mobile batteries daily in their barcode scanners, portable printers and other key mobile devices. When these batteries reach their end of life, they stall productivity, increase operational costs, and staff typically toss them in closets, backrooms or in the trash, as they are unsure of where or how to properly dispose of them. Aging Lithium-Ion batteries are particularly vulnerable to overheating so these storage and unsuitable disposal methods can be quite dangerous. However, this problem is an opportunity for VARs to benefit from their clients’ old batteries through an innovative recycling program.

As longtime mobile battery designers, manufacturers, and innovators, Global Technology Systems (GTS) is discouraging improper battery storage and disposal with their Free Lithium-Ion Battery Recycling Program, an eco-friendly initiative that rids clients of their old mobile batteries. The best part is that for every battery recycled, clients will receive a 50-cent credit towards replacement GTS batteries.

Global Technology Systems, Inc.