White Paper

Mission Green: Creating The Environmentally Friendly Work Place

With the trends of today’s green initiative, society as a whole is continually becoming more environmentally conscious not only at home but also in the workplace. Employers are beginning to adopt more green approaches to running their businesses in an effort to cut costs, save energy, increase productivity and of course create a lighter ecological footprint. It makes for good practice all around and the best thing are the simple solutions to make this transition possible. Here are some helpful tips to get your office moving forward.

Going Green with Printing

  • Use the backside of printed paper for notes rather than throwing it away.
  • Implement a paperless scanning and document management solution.
  • Recycle your office paper rather than simply throwing it away.
  • Purchase and use only recycled paper.
  • Print on both sides of your paper when possible.
  • Buy remanufactured ink and toner cartridges rather than purchasing brand new ones (this will also help you save money).
  • Recycle empty ink and toner cartridges. Rather than throwing them in the trash, take old cartridges to a recycle center, or there are companies who will pick-up your old cartridges and sometimes even pay you for them when they deliver your new or refurbished cartridges to  you.
  • Use multipurpose or multifunction devices. For example, get a printer that also has a built in copy and fax function rather than buying a separate printer, copier, and fax machine.
  • Only turn on your printers and copiers when needed rather than leaving them on all day.
  • Purchase Energy Star printers and copiers that have energy saving features and can automatically go into a sleep mode.
  • Only print documents when absolutely necessary.