From The Editor | January 15, 2010

Miss Our Webinar On Products To Fuel Your Own Econonic Recovery?

Source: Zenith Infotech Ltd.

If you missed our first free Lunch & Learn webinar of the year, you can download the presentation now. Jim Roddy, Business Solutions president, and Gennifer Biggs, security, storage, and managed services editor for Business Solutions, discussed pitfalls to avoid in the recovery, product and financing support for IT company's ramping up for the recovery, and basic business advice for 2010. Guest Dean Wescott, CMO of Kincaid Network Solutions, also shared his experience leveraging a free product offering by Astaro that is geared toward helping VARs and MSPs gain momentum going into 2010.

You can download yesterday's presentation here. And, if you missed our six webinars last year, you can find those presentations in the MSPtv archives, just click here.