Case Study

Minutes Matter: Mobile Payment Technology Reduces Order Time And Increases Sales For Busy Gastropub

Source: Vantiv Integrated Payments
Mobile Payment Technology

Founded in 2006, Crosstown Pub & Grill is a popular gastropub with locations in Naperville, IL, and Batavia, IL. Crosstown prides itself on being a local neighborhood establishment where guests enjoy fresh, gourmet food, a superb selection of pints, cocktails and wines, and excellent service. For chef and owner Jim Nichols Sr., Crosstown fulfills a passion and dream of owning his own restaurant and pub.

The Challenge

Over 100 major businesses are located near Crosstown, making it a popular lunchtime destination. With the typical 60-minute lunch break, customers need to come in, eat, and pay their check very quickly.

“The customer experience is very fickle. If it takes thirty minutes to eat, they’re not going to want to come back,” says Nichols. Crosstown servers need to be able work quickly and on the fly since the restaurant encompasses a vast territory including a dining room, bar, and outdoor patio.

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