White Paper

White Paper: Millions Of Google Apps Users May Be In Violation Of Legal & Organizational Compliance Standards. Learn How To Avoid It

More than 30 million users within businesses, government agencies, schools, and other organizations worldwide have switched to Google Apps (adding over 3,000 businesses per day). Unfortunately, many of them cannot use all of the applications within Google Apps since it does not have any built-in document compliance or records management features to meet organizational standards and legal regulations. In fact, if you are governed by such regulations you may not be able to use Google Apps for any of your records without being in violation!

We then propose the standards that any software add-on should meet to bring users of Google Apps into full document compliance. We outline items to look for and suggest attributes to look for such as being easy to deploy and intuitive to use since that is the same attribute that users appreciate in Google Apps. As such, it can increase efficiency and maximize security. Better yet, users of this kind of software can be confident that they can be in full compliance with organization and government standards.

With compliance and records management software, you can finally use the full power of Google Docs and always be in full compliance with all organization and government standards. All the essential features of compliance and records management are contained in the new compliance and records management application. It is easy to deploy and almost invisible to use.