Magazine Article | September 17, 2010

Feature Article: Middleware Is Key Ingredient In Mobile Success

By Gennifer Biggs, Business Solutions magazine.

On the surface, it sounds simple: Buy a handful of mobile devices, load up some prefab software, and you have a field services solution. But, ISV MiT Systems says deployments undermined by that confusion over the complexity of pairing today's mobile solutions with yesterday's back end infrastructure have led many a dissatisfied customer to its door. "There is a gap between what the legacy back office systems can do and what a mobile worker needs to do. Plus, the needs of each customer are very different," explains Jim French, CEO of MiT Systems. "There are historically two kinds of mobile solutions to resolve that problem. You have custom platforms a customer builds and manages or the VAR who has a solution and hopes you fit into it. We are in the middle." And French means that literally. As an ISV, MiT has driven its growth by bridging the gap between legacy back end operations and new mobile solutions, such as sales force automation, delivery, route sales, or merchandising solutions with a highly configurable middleware offering.

Click here to listen as Mark Maraj, VP of sales and marketing for MiT Systems, explains more about the ISV's offering from the floor of VARTech 2010.