News | October 21, 2010

MetaVis Releases Change Control And Release Manager (CCRM) For SharePoint

New Change Management Product Improves SharePoint Governance and Organization

MetaVis Technologies, Inc., a leader in SharePoint migration, recently announced MetaVis Change Control and Release Manager (CCRM), a new software tool designed to manage and automate changes between SharePoint development, staging and production environments. CCRM gives organizations more control over how they administer changes to their SharePoint environment to improve SharePoint visibility, governance and organization.

In any SharePoint environment both content and settings changes are unavoidable. Auditing, tracking and controlling these changes are essential in minimizing errors and ensuring SharePoint site consistency and governance. MetaVis CCRM provides a controllable and repeatable way to automate changes in SharePoint.

With CCRM, organizations can audit and track changes using high-level and granular reports that detail the difference between SharePoint objects including sites, lists/ libraries, fields, content types, folders, Web parts, workflows, InfoPath forms, Term Stores, etc. SharePoint administrators can then easily manage and synchronize any changes across multiple SharePoint environments for consistency. Specific IT change management processes that can be automated with CCRM include:

  • Disseminating changes made in a SharePoint development environment to test, staging and production;
  • Bringing back data collected in production back to test and development;
  • Group sets of SharePoint objects and deploying to one or many environments;
  • Pushing updates to multiple SharePoint environments at once; and
  • Scheduling recurring activities for automated distribution.

Key features in CCRM include:

  • Live Compare – Side-by-side site compare functionality allows users to compare and synchronize the metadata structures and content;
  • Individual or Bulk Copy – A set of tools to copy one or more objects between SharePoint environments;
  • Activity Management – Central management tool that allows administrators to define, manage, group, execute and schedule object compare, copy and synchronization activities;
  • Audit Reporting – Delivery of detailed reports showing the difference between SharePoint environments giving administrators the ability to drill down into the different hierarchies and initiate object synchronization activities;
  • Scheduling Wizard – Allows administrators to schedule SharePoint changes based on specific parameters and roll them out across the entire SharePoint environment;
  • Historical Audit Tracking – Tracks all change activities providing administrators with dates, times and status of updates to meet with compliance requirements; and
  • No Server-side Installation – All operations are done using SharePoint web services with no install services, add-ons or agents on the SharePoint server.

"As organizations build applications on top of SharePoint, the challenge becomes moving them from test to production environments without losing information or errors," said Steven Pogrebivsky, CEO and Co-founder of MetaVis Technologies. "All SharePoint applications are made up of many objects such as Web parts, content types, lists, etc. MetaVis CCRM lets organizations select these objects and create activities to help manage and deploy them to other SharePoint environments in an automated way. This gives organizations an easy way to manage SharePoint changes and ensure site consistency and governance."

MetaVis CCRM is currently available. See full product details at Request a demo of MetaVis CCRM at

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SOURCE: MetaVis Technologies, Inc.