News | October 14, 2014

MCL v4 To Tackle Channel Android Struggle

New MCL v4 mobile development solution offers support for Android devices as well as improved technical capabilities

MCL Technologies, a leading provider of high-productivity software solutions to boost the development, deployment and management of enterprise mobile applications and devices, has announced the release of its game-changing MCL v4 mobile development solution.

In response to the challenge of the changing operating system and hardware landscape, MCL v4 offers full compatibility with Android as well as Windows Mobile and Windows CE, enabling software developers to build their solution once and then automatically reconfigure it to work across these key mobile operating systems.

MCL Director of Sales and Marketing Raymond Wolfert commented: “With the rapid rise in Android adoption, traditional mobility software developers that have developed their solution for the Windows OS are now having to create Android versions. This is both time consuming and costly and means that they then have a number of different sets of code to manage and maintain.

Additionally, software developers find it hard to keep up with the continual release of new Android updates. With MCL v4, software developers only need to create their solution once as we continually update our solution to provide support for the latest releases saving our partners a lot of time and helping them to future-proof their applications.“

MCL v4 will make it easier for independent software vendors (ISVs) to win business as they will be able to offer support for the latest OS version soon after it is released enabling their customers to rapidly benefit from the latest features and functionality. MCL v4’s support for Windows and Android also enables ISVs to be hardware agnostic as the platform supports a range of rugged and consumer devices, all of which have been certified to ensure all of the on-board peripherals are supported including barcode scanners, NFC and RFID readers.

ISVs and resellers who adopt MCL v4 can also take advantage of MCL Mobility Platform, a set of mobility services offered from the cloud. Mobility services include Mobile Application Management (MAM) and Mobile Operator Management that provides user profiling, Mobile Device Management (MDM) and monitoring.

Wolfert concluded: “With Android continuing to rise in popularity many ISVs run the risk of being left behind if they fail to support this key mobile operating system. MCL v4 will enable them to not only keep up with this trend but to ensure they always stay up to date with the very latest versions of Android, Windows Mobile and CE. It will also ensure that they are no longer at risk of lost revenue due to not being able to support the device chosen by the end user. We think it is a real game changer and that it is going to change the way enterprise mobility applications are developed from this point forward.”

MCL v4 is available to purchase with immediate effect exclusively through ScanSource, MCL’s global distribution partner.

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