Case Study

Matas Retail Chain Discovers The Beauty Of An Integrated Video Solution

Source: Milestone Systems
Matas Storefront

In Matas, which has 2,500 employees, more than 25 million transactions per year, and an annual revenue of approximately 4 billion Danish crowns, shrinkage is a problem which costs both human resources and a lot of money on the bottom line. For Matas management, shrinkage control is a high priority, so it was decided back in 2010 to intensify the fight against it. One of the ways to do this was to install advanced IP video surveillance, initially in 65 of the chain's 258 stores.

The video surveillance solution consists of XProtect® Corporate and XProtect® Retail software from Milestone Systems and was implemented by EG Retail & Media, which is Scandinavia's largest supplier of IT solutions to retailers and media houses. It includes video surveillance of the stores, which is correlated with an analysis of all cash transactions. The POS system generates documentation for all transactions, which is associated with video evidence and simultaneously displayed on the screen via the Milestone software.

Initially, monitoring was greeted with skepticism by some employees in the selected stores. "Do you not trust us?" was the recurring question. But skepticism was quickly replaced by relief when employees experienced the benefits of video surveillance and realized that the system had not been acquired to make them the targets of suspicion.