Case Study

Marathon Field Computer - Supply Chain Use Case

Source: ScanSource, Inc.

Today's supply chain is a nonstop series of challenges and a nonstop quest for efficiencies. The Marathon Field Computer aids supervisors and QC personnel in warehousing, distribution, and manufacturing by giving them the computing power they need in a highly mobile package.

Take the case of the warehouse supervisor who needs to answer a question for an associate. He undocks his Marathon Field Computer from its Smart Desk Dock, where it is connected to an external monitor and mouse, just like his old laptop, and heads down to the floor. But unlike his large laptop, the Marathon's ergonomics allows easy operation as he takes notes standing up using both the full QWERTY keyboard and touchscreen. When he sees damaged goods on a pallet, the integrated 2MP camera lets him pause to take a quick picture for later reference. As he arrives at the aisle where the associate has a question, the supervisor receives an instant message via software installed on the Marathon's Windows XP or Windows 7 OS. He replies to the IM, answers the associate's question, and returns to his office - never disconnected, never out of reach, and always in control.