News Feature | January 7, 2015

Manufacturing And Warehousing IT News For VARs — January 7, 2014

By Trisha Leon, contributing writer

Manufacturing And Warehousing IT News For VARs — January 7, 2014

The news includes strategies for entering the cloud market and for a secure enterprise mobility strategy. Articles also include information on emerging threats to data security.

Consider Focusing On A Specialty Within The Cloud

David Linthicum writes for Computer World that entering the cloud market may require some creativity. Linthicum suggests focusing on a specialty, like Big Data or the Internet of Things, within the cloud; he says, “focus on cloud architecture, design, and deployment, as well as application migration and cloud integration with devops approaches, the areas where much of the growth is occurring.” Since there isn’t much training available in this field, those looking to get a foot in the cloud must be diligent in acquiring knowledge where it is available. Linthicum states, “The path to cloud computing skills … requires some innovation and persistence on your part, as well as some risk. But keep at it; you'll find both the skills and the money — and new satisfaction.”

White Paper Provides Strategy For Securing Mobile Devices

An Info World white paper, “10 Essential Elements for a Secure Enterprise Mobility Strategy,” stresses that mobility and BYOD (bring you own device) are “transforming the way people work and the way organizations support them.” These devices are capable of accessing, storing, and transmitting sensitive company data like a PC or laptop, and businesses must have a strategy for securing these devices. This strategy should allow employees to unlock the full potential of their devices while ensuring data is secure — all in the most seamless and convenient way possible.

U.S. Will Drive Economic Growth

According to Industrial Distribution, the U.S. will drive global growth in 2015. Since the Great Recession, the U.S. has witnessed extended growth while other major areas of the world, like China, Russia, and Japan, are experiencing a slowdown. Cheaper gas prices have raised consumers’ spending power across the U.S. and the jobless rate is lowering.  Jeff Bradley, CEO of Globe Specialty Metals, is optimistic about 2015; he says, “Things are lining up for next year to be one of the best years in the history of our company.”

Manufacturing And Warehousing IT Talking Points

Kim Zetter of Wired lists major threats the IT industry and users will face in 2015. Some high-profile cases like the Sony hack have heightened awareness of danger from extortion and the destruction of data. Zetter predicts that bank card breaches will continue and third-party breaches will be on the rise. Though the U.S. has been relatively protected from critical infrastructure breaches, Zetter believes those days are coming to a close and that the U.S. may begin to experience infrastructure breaches in the future. Considering the value of company and customer data, now is the time for operations to shore up security measures.

The Business Cloud News article, “Employees “going rogue” with corporate data stored in the cloud,” states a global survey revealed that “66 per cent of respondents were able to access corporate data on cloud storage applications after leaving their last job.” Additionally, “one in five of those polled have purchased cloud-based storage apps for work without involving the IT department or receiving its blessing.” In order to gain control over this “Bring-your-own-app” culture, businesses should give incentives for those who follow company policy and also make the login experience seamless and easy to use. Education is paramount; users must be made aware of the risks associated with data loss.

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