News Feature | February 17, 2015

Manufacturing IT News For VARs 2-17-15: Train Employees To Resist Phishing Scams

By Trisha Leon, contributing writer

UPS Malware Removed By Security Team

In the news, companies are testing their employees with simulated phishing emails to see if they will click, Also, U.S. factories are among top adopters of robotic technologies.

Training Employee To Resist Phishing Scams

According to the article, “Are You a Hack Waiting to Happen?” by Barbara Ortutaty, recent major security breaches have companies on the defensive. Data shows that phishing emails allow many hackers a point of entry into a company’s system. Therefore, some companies, like Twitter, are testing their employees by sending out simulated phishing emails to see if employees are hooked. Phishing is on the rise, and the more employees are aware of it, the more well-protected companies can be.

More Of Your Manufacturing IT Clients Could Integrate Robotics

An article in Industry Week states that “U.S. factories are among the top adopters of robotic technologies along with factories in China, Japan, Canada, Russia and the U.K.” As the price of automation has dropped, many companies are deploying into robotics. Robots offer significant benefits, including the ability to work in unpredictable environments.

Manufacturing And Warehousing IT Talking Points

As cloud storage grows in popularity, the danger of digital data stored there being rendered obsolete grows as well. The rapid evolution of technology could lead to, as Vinton Cerf of Google calls it, a “digital dark age.” Eric Burgener, research director with IDC says in a Computer World article, “At a high level, the way to solve this would be to maintain at a minimum read compatibility with older data even as new technologies are introduced without worrying about performance, capacity or cost.”

Paul Krill writes in the InfoWorld article, “Obama: Tech companies and government must share threat data,” that President Barack Obama has signed an executive order that “calls for companies to set up hubs to share information within the private sector and between government and the private sector.”

Due to concerns over network security, identity and access management (IAM) activity is growing. Brian Taylor of ZDNet writes, “According to CrunchBase data, IAM startups raised $350 million in venture capital in 2014, compared to $178 million in 2013 — close to a 97 percent increase.” The article goes on to give ten questions to ask when developing an IAM solution.

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