News Feature | June 30, 2014

Manufacturing IT News For VARs — June 30, 2014

By Trisha Leon, contributing writer

Manufacturing And Warehousing IT News For VARs — December 23, 2014

In the news, articles give the details of ISO/DIS 9001:2014, explain 3D printing’s growth in manufacturing, and discuss the challenges of security around the Internet of Things (IoT).

What ISO/DIS 9001:2014 Will Mean For Manufacturing

In an article in, Michael Harder, LRQA’s senior technical manager for North America, explains what ISO issuing the Quality Management System (QMS) standard ISO/DIS 9001:2014 means for organizations. He details what certified organizations should be thinking and doing, tools organizations need to make the transition, other questions related to the change.

The Reason For 3D Printing’s Exponential Growth

3D printing continues to make headlines. In fact, the industries’ growth has been staggering. In Manufacturers’ Monthly, Terry Wohlers, president and founder of the consultancy Wohlers Associates details the history of the industry and what’s behind its sudden and exponential growth. While the idea initially confused some, 3D printing has gained ground thanks to quality journalists who have drawn attention to it and a government focus on it. Wohlers comments, “America Makes, which is the National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Institute (was important).”

The IoT Brings Security Challenges For Manufacturers

As the IoT grows outward it has become more of a security concern for businesses. Wind River has released a new white paper “Security in the Internet of Things,” which examines the IoT and security challenges it poses, along with solutions that can be used to address these threats to a business’ security.

Manufacturing IT Talking Points

An article in Industrial Distribution, “Tap Into The Data Dividend To Compete In The Age Of IoT,” Sanjay Ravi of Microsoft explains the benefits of embracing the data culture. He states, “The technology marketplace is full of buzz today about Big Data and the Internet of Things, but the fact is, today’s more powerful sensors and devices, connected to back-end systems, analytics software and the cloud, are transforming industries — right now,” adding “With the rise of these connected operations, manufacturing executives are not only finding new ways to automate and create efficiency, they are also focusing on a big new opportunity for revenue growth: services.”

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