Case Study

Manufacturer Saves Time And Money With New Bar Code Software

Source: Wasp Barcode Technologies

WatchGuard Video is the world’s largest manufacturer of in-car video systems for law enforcement departments. With approximately 5,000 different law enforcement agencies using WatchGuard as their digital in-car video solution, it is crucial that WatchGuard make sure their camera system inventory is properly labeled – specifically the circuit boards.

WatchGuard was using pre-designed label templates and an outside company to print these labels. The labels were very expensive given they were unique to WatchGuard’s manufacturing process and had to be printed at another facility and shipped to WatchGuard. The printing facility had a limited number of label sizes and could not provide labels small enough for the circuit boards that accompany the camera systems.

WatchGuard holds the largest market share of the digital in-car video industry and continued to grow at a fast rate, the company was determined to keep up with the demand. However, with the amount of time and money it took to have custom labels printed, which sometimes ended up being the wrong size, they knew it was time to find a better solution that would allow more flexibility and efficiency.