Case Study

Case Study: Managing Explosive Data Growth

Source: Isilon Systems, Inc.

Help Your Customers By Deploying Integrated Solutions that Address the Entire Workflow, Better Manage Data Growth, and Reduce Costs

In the intense and progressively complex world of for-profit life-science companies, mountains of data and the difficulties managing that information can easily overwhelm an organization's data center. Like scores of other industries continuing to push for new levels of data growth, resolution and complexity, it's easy to hit performance limitations with traditional data storage methods.

With time and resources at a premium, finding a powerful solution to meet the increasing demand of a server system that can scale for growth, deliver performance, and offer the capacity and protection needed, while at the same time reducing or eliminating costly administrative management, can be a consuming task for any organization. A qualified VAR or integrator cannot only help recognize and identify the problem and key issues, it can also facilitate the installation of the right technological solution.