Guest Column | August 26, 2009

ManageEngine Adds APIs For Its Website Monitoring Service To Facilitate Integration

ManageEngine, makers of a suite of network, systems, security, and applications management software solutions, has announced the availability of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for Site24x7, the company's SaaS-based solution for monitoring website performance.

The new Site 24x7 APIs allow service providers to offer highly customized website monitoring services to meet specific customer scenarios; while enterprise administrators can now integrate website monitoring into their existing business applications, gaining perspective on website performance as experienced by end users.

Site24x7 monitors any website from 15 locations; tracking the end user experience from six sites in the US, three sites in Europe, and four in Asia, Australia and Africa. Site24x7 ensures the hardware and software supporting such critical functions as online purchases, site logins, web form submissions and more, are performing up to service level agreements (SLAs). The application can even be used to monitor email and DNS servers.

ManageEngine Site 24x7 is offered in four versions, Free, Standard, Premium and Enterprise. The Enterprise edition includes SLA Management, the ability to group websites and applications from a business service management (BSM) perspective and enterprise-class performance reporting.

"The APIs we're announcing today will allow administrators to have a more comprehensive view of the enterprise IT infrastructure, from the front-end to the back-office," said Gibu K. Mathew, product manager, ManageEngine. "The critical performance data supplied by Site 24x7 can now be easily integrated into third-party solutions for even better insight into the way in which online applications are supporting the overall business."

Availability and Pricing
The Site24x7 APIs are available immediately at no additional charge. Existing Site24x7 users will click the “Generate API Key” button within the application. For more information, visit the Site24x7 Website Monitoring Service page.

About ManageEngine
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