Guest Column | September 24, 2015

Managed Services: Helping Companies Make The Right Choice

By Ilker Simsir, Product Manager, Comodo

Managed Services

The IT services industry continues to see a shift from the reactive break-fix model to the proactive managed services provider (MSP) approach. And for good reason; while businesses might feel secure with their current break-fix “solution,” they largely lack the knowledgebase required to foresee the ease of doing business with MSPs. 

For small to medium business owners, the mere thought of transitioning to a managed services plan may be an imposing one. However, it’s the responsibility of an MSP to help business owners understand the core benefits of making the switch. Here are four points to emphasize the benefits:

  1. MSP Beats Break-Fix: Full Managed Services Versus A Break Fix Model. MSPs should look to illustrate for business owners the core ways in which MSPs provide solutions superior to the break-fix model. Explain how MSPs prevent problems, while break-fix solutions profit from those same problems. Break-fix is reactive, so if you have an incident, there is no one to prevent it from happening in the first place. Additionally, each incident would take a longer resolution time compared to an MSP model, and would require manual triggers to detect the incidents. Break-fix may appear to work well in the short term, but break-fix isn’t scalable in the long term.

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