Case Study

Case Study: Managed Print Services K-12 Education

Source: OKI

Westbury School District operates six schools from the pre-K to high school levels, employing close to 400 teachers and serving approximately 4,000 students. As a high-needs school district with an impressive college-acceptance rate, students use computer-assisted programs to help maintain their high performance standards. The programs require that students use worksheets and charts, and the School District had evidence that the use of color piqued students' interest in learning and helped them better comprehend information, leading to increased testing performance. Westbury School District uses more than 1,600 computers throughout its schools.

Westbury School District was utilizing an assortment of non-networked, costly printers from a major competitor that included color inkjet, color page printers and desktop mono laser printers. The fleet was expensive to maintain — the District was spending $479,600 annually on printed document output — with high cost-per-page and consumables costs that were expending a significant portion of the technology budget. Further, Westbury School District was not taking full advantage of the benefits of color printing to stimulate students' learning and improve information retention rate.