Article | July 12, 2018

Managed Offsite Backup For Saving Data From Natural Disasters

Source: CloudBerry
Managed Offsite Backup For Saving Data From Natural Disasters

In recent years, major weather events around the globe have uprooted lives and destroyed homes and businesses. Hurricane Harvey alone brought total losses of $190 billion in 2017.

A significant portion of those losses belongs to small and medium-sized businesses, because a hurricane destroys something that companies depend on most—data. Physical infrastructure can be rebuilt, but data cannot be recovered if not stored properly.

Managed service providers can demonstrate value to their customers by providing managed offsite backup. This is an essential service, especially in regions where the risk of natural disasters is higher.

Many businesses still grossly undervalue their data and don’t perform backup to the cloud. Some still perform their backups on-premises, which is useless in natural disasters (as the backup servers are usually destroyed together with the original data).

If you still don’t offer managed offsite online backup services to your clients, now is a very good time to consider it. But first, you should understand the value of centralized backup.