Guest Column | June 24, 2014

Managed Network Outsourcing Makes Good Business Sense

Managed Network Outsourcing

By Don Britton, Founder and CEO of Network Alliance, Inc.

The business of small business is business. Whether it’s accounting, financial services, legal, medical, human resources, management consulting, property management, or government contracting, small businesses are an important part of today’s vibrant economy. 

But let’s be clear.  Managing a company’s IT network should be left up to a managed network outsourcing solutions provider — a pro that makes IT network management its business.

How To Explain The Benefits Of An Outsourced Approach To Your Customers

First and foremost, highly trained team members with a broad range of skill sets in software applications, IT infrastructure and data center management are only a phone call or email away.

Second, the right managed network outsourcing provider has a multimillion dollar infrastructure running on best of breed hardware and software.  In addition, by sharing infrastructure across an entire client base, economies of scale are created that make the cost of accessing this infrastructure significantly less expensive — up to 70 percent less — and more predictable.

Another advantage of a managed network outsourcing solution is scalability. With outsourcing, your clients use only as much hardware and software as they need.  When they need more (or less), the hosted IT solutions provider adds or subtracts applications to fit the business. A do-it-yourself approach is both costly and time consuming.

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