Article | October 19, 2018

Making The Case For Unified Data Protection

Source: Barracuda MSP

By Brian Babineau, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Barracuda MSP

Data Folder

Cybersecurity and data recovery shouldn’t be addressed separately

In the past, security services and backup and recovery services existed in separate (albeit closely related) spheres. Security focused on malicious external and internal threats, while backup and recovery took a more generic approach to ensuring data could be salvaged after any type of incident — whether a cyberattack, a flooded data center, or Jim from accounting accidentally deleting two year’s worth of spreadsheets.

The security landscape is changing, and customers need solutions that can protect them against attacks. They also want a more automated approach to data reliability.

In short, the answer is a unified data protection solution that combines cybersecurity with data backup and recovery resources working together seamlessly to quickly identify potential threats and safeguard data simultaneously. Further, the solution should also be able to protect data across both virtual and physical environments.