Magazine Article | June 25, 2012

Making Sense Of Payment Integration

By Business Solutions magazine

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Everybody wants payment processing capabilities these days. Social media has opened up new avenues to deliver loyalty benefits and promotional offers to consumers. Nextgeneration devices and solutions are combining payment capabilities with multimedia information, advertising, and incentives. And, demand for innovative mobile payment solutions seems boundless.

So much opportunity for developers … but so much complexity! Developers face many obstacles in creating payment applications, ranging from defending against increasingly sophisticated fraud schemes to managing endlessly changing requirements for security and compliance.

The pace of change is only increasing. For example, the PCI Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) has adopted a 24-month refresh cycle for the PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). Meanwhile, multiple schemes for enabling NFC mobile wallets are entering the market, and the major card brands have established timelines for U.S. market adoption of the EMV standard, beginning with enabling processor networks in 2013.

Rather than becoming bogged down by the burdens of enabling applications to securely process transactions and move sensitive cardholder information across networks, developers can instead turn to trusted partners who focus full time on secure payment methods and tools.

Over the past 30 years in the global payments business, we’ve had the opportunity to build a comprehensive array of tools and services that make it easy to incorporate proven, fully compliant, transaction processing capabilities into payment and value-added applications. That has resulted in a comprehensive array of developer resources, encompassing a wide range of integration methods.

With these tools, developers can ease the burdens of security and validation protocols. That frees up valuable resources to focus on developing robust, highly functional, and unique applications that are able to quickly and securely process electronic transactions including credit, debit, and more.

For example, in the red-hot mobile payments market, we’ve built a software library that streamlines the process of building payment capabilities into applications running on mobile devices. Our PAYware Connect Mobile SDK works with all VeriFone mobile card acceptance devices using iOS and Android platforms.

The growing adoption of mobile devices means that many payment applications will have to adapt to new consumer purchase patterns and preferences. But, this new area of opportunity is extremely complicated, requiring integration of mobile phone, POS system, cash register, and host.

Another key issue for payments applications is taking advantage of cloud-based payment and value-added services gateways that provide an easier means to provision and manage applications. Many wallets (NFC and cloud-based) can be enabled at the server level so that merchants would make one single connection to accept all of them.

A crucial element is a payment gateway that is certified by major processors, as is VeriFone’s PAYware Connect web-based gateway. VeriFone’s PAYware Connect Mobile SDK eliminates the need for programmers to have extensive knowledge of mobile payment processes. For example, an application could use the SDK to securely handle integration and communications with the PAYware Connect gateway — reducing or eliminating PCI requirements.

Developers need to be able to build innovative payment capabilities into applications — efficiently and cost effectively. VeriFone’s tools provide options to fit every need. And, if a managed service is desired, VeriFone provides all the support and enhancements needed while ensuring security and compliance. That makes it possible for developers to develop more and worry less about complicated payment processing challenges.

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