Guest Column | November 13, 2012

Make Life Easy With PAX

By Andy Chau, president and CEO, PAX Technology, Inc.

With the challenges VARs and integrators face today with the introduction of EMV, the time and money spent on keeping up with PCI, and the flood of different mobile solutions, PAX is here to help.

PAX Technology offers a full line of secure and innovative POS terminals (PIN pads, multilane, countertop, mobile, and contactless). With the PAX MT30 and SP30, developers can reduce costs and speed up their time to market with PAX’s simplified integration and enable their solutions to include credit, debit, EBT/food stamp, gift, and loyalty solutions.

Utilizing the PCI certified PAX MT30 and SP30 also takes the POS system out of PCI scope, as the PAX terminal handles the full payment. With both the PAX SP30 and MT30, the POS/ECR only has to send the amount to the PIN pad, and the PIN pad, takes over all the prompting and transaction processing thus eliminating the need for the POS/ECR to ever see the sensitive cardholder data.

The SP30 is the first PIN pad of its kind, with builtin dial and IP dual communications to communicate directly to the processor. Best of all, the PCI PTSapproved SP30 is a sleek and compact device that easily fits in the palm of your hand. When connected to an ECR or POS terminal, the SP30 is the perfect device to streamline your electronic payment system.

The PAX MT30 is designed for retailers who place a high value on ease of use, durability, and PCI compliance. The MT30 is a fully featured, customerfacing terminal with a color touch screen. It is available at a much lower price point than other multilane terminals with similar features. The sleek and elegant design encourages use by customers, helping to reduce your cost of payment transactions.

Simplifying payment solutions is extremely important to dealers and merchants today. With PAX’s ease of integration, VARs can rely on the SP30 and MT30 to provide a quick to market solution for credit, debit, and card swipe options.

With the introduction of all the different types of mobile smartphone payments, the industry has started to raise questions about the security of mobile payments coming from a smartphone device. It is PAX’s responsibility as a POS terminal manufacturer to be ready for all different types of payment options while making certain these options are secure and PCI.

PAX’s new D900 Android mobile terminal allows easy integration of payments into any POS applications on the Android and takes them out of scope of PCI, enabling payment processing on an open platform with an encrypted MSR, PCI, PIN pad, EMV, NFC, and an optional bar code scanner.

EMV is inevitable and around the corner. Any payment solution anyone is working on today should be EMV ready. All PAX terminals are EMV ready. Some additional benefits to working with PAX are:

  • Keep your future earnings by locking down the terminals.
  • Remotely manage terminals with ease.
  • Reliable, feature-rich, low-cost solutions
  • Ruggedized terminals with sleek and elegant designs

With a strategy focused around EMV, PCI compliancy, mobile payments, and NFC/contactless, we take great pride in designing our products with the goal of providing the best transactional performance possible, manufactured with only the highest quality parts and latest assembly and quality control techniques to ensure the reliability and long life of our POS terminal solutions. PAX is your ideal strategic partner for innovative payment solutions.

For more information on PAX products and solutions, contact us at (877) 859-0099.