Guest Column | July 9, 2014

Look For The Signs: Company Communication Enhanced By Digital Signage

BSM-Digital Signage

By Kelly Eisel, Industry Weapon,

Do you have clients with teams losing efficiency behind a backlog of emails, chats, and memos? Most companies go through it at one time or another, and if you haven’t yet — now is the time to educate yourself on preventing poor communication in the workplace. You can read countless articles forewarning the consequences of bad communication, but what creates this lack of communication in the first place? What precautions can your customers take against it?

The bigger the company, the more challenging the task of communication can be. Poor communication obstructs organizational efficiency. Without the implementation of best practices, project time will slow down and become inefficient. Managers try to both prevent and remedy communication breakdowns by increasing meeting frequency. The average employee attends 62 meetings a month, totaling 31 unproductive hours. What is more sobering is that that an employee is likely to spend $2100 to $4100 of the annual company budget on poor internal communications.

Digital signage is a solution for your customers. An Arbitron study found that 70 percent of Americans see digital signs at least once a month, and 52 percent see them weekly. Digital signage software showcase appealing, continuously changing content that makes traditional communication look stale and deflated. It provides the advantage of updating and refreshing content in minutes.

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