White Paper

Logistics And Transportation Need Rugged Tablet PCs

From passenger services to commodities transport, transportation and logistics organizations require devices that confront all-weather conditions, perform in airspace or on back roads, provide GPS location and sustain long-term battery power. Adopted by thousands of companies across the U.S. and around the globe, rugged tablet PCs have become essential to the rail transport, port, trucking and airline sectors.

With high-performance rugged handheld PCs, transportation and logistics tasks can be accomplished efficiently, quickly and securely. xTablets from MobileDemand withstand harsh travel environments while managing communication, deliveries, departures and arrivals without complication.

Transportation & Logistics Markets Rail: From tracking rolling stock to streamlining the delivery of people and freight, rugged PCs and ruggedized devices help transit authorities and railway operators manage their workforces and keep pace with the constant change of daily operations.