News | November 18, 2014

LogicNow Launches ControlNow For Corporate IT Departments

LogicNow combines GFI Cloud and GFI Mail Essentials Online to create ControlNow – a cloud-based IT infrastructure management platform for corporate IT departments

LogicNow recently announced the launch of ControlNow, an integrated IT infrastructure management platform. ControlNow streamlines the operation of business IT departments, saving time and money, allowing IT professionals to focus on higher value tasks that have a more direct impact on business success.

Following the creation of LogicNow as part of GFI Software’s corporate restructure in September 2014, ControlNow is LogicNow’s new brand for the former GFI Cloud and MailEssentials Online products. ControlNow’s core platform is an integrated remote IT management and security platform for IT administrators in end-user organizations, delivering operational efficiency and multi-layer security for corporates. Also within the ControlNow portfolio is ControlEmail, the company's hosted email security and archiving service.

ControlNow is one of the few ‘born in the cloud’ IT management solutions and it is winning growing market share from established, traditional brands. ControlNow enables companies to deal with the new, emerging realities of IT in which the fragmentation of IT service delivery poses new challenges for IT administrators charged with delivering secure business systems using a mixture of on-premise, cloud-based or mobile services and applications.

“The IT needs of organizations around the world are growing in variety and sophistication at an unprecedented rate, catalyzed by a vast range of technological, economic, strategic and environmental factors,” said Dr. Alistair Forbes, General Manager of LogicNow. “Monitoring, managing and securing IT networks is now more important than ever, but as the complexity of the IT landscape continues to grow, so can the financial and resource overhead of doing so. This limits the IT department’s ability to focus on the higher level needs and opportunities of their business. ControlNow combines market-leading, cloud-based tools into a single management platform in order to help IT cultivate a more proactive, strategic function.”

LogicNow also has two other product ranges - MAXfocus, the world’s most widely-trusted platform for MSPs & IT support providers, and IASO, the hybrid cloud backup & disaster recovery solution.

MAXfocus will remain completely focused on delivering to the needs of MSPs and IT service providers. “In launching ControlNow alongside MAXfocus, we’ve made LogicNow greater than the sum of its parts,” continued Forbes. “We have structured the company so that the two product sets serve our two main customer segments, with development resources focused on the unique needs and priorities of those specific customer groups. This will ensure we still capitalize on the development advances across both delivery platforms to maximize our velocity of improvement for all of our customers. For the last three years, we have simultaneously served the corporate IT community whilst supporting and protecting our MSP partners’ revenue streams to great mutual success. This change heightens our focus on both Corporate IT and MSPs’ needs.”

The company also announced a partner program for ControlNow that will include existing GFI Cloud and MailEssentials Online resellers and all MAXfocus customers, enabling them to resell ControlNow products. Further details of the program will be confirmed within the next few weeks.

About LogicNow
LogicNow was created when GFI Software restructured to support rapid growth across its portfolio. LogicNow, which includes MAXfocus (formerly GFI MAX), IASO cloud back-up and ControlNow (formerly GFI Cloud and Mail Essentials Online), delivers SaaS technologies under a subscription model. As the world’s most widely-trusted managed service provider & IT support platform, MAXfocus has a decade of technology expertise, the backing of a 10,000-strong community and the industry vision to define and deliver the future of the MSP market. IASO is one of the leading brands in Hybrid Cloud Backup, Disaster Recovery Software and cloud storage for MSPs, large enterprises, telecommunication and hosting providers. ControlNow is an IT management solution for thousands of Corporations and is winning market share from traditional on-premises competitors as companies IT becomes more complex and fragmented and the need for management in the cloud increases.

Source: LogicNow