Case Study

Lazy Dog Restaurants Improves Service And Satisfaction With Tablet Solution

Source: Partner Tech Corp.


Lazy Dog Restaurants is a family friendly, dog friendly restaurant with a wide variety of items on their menu spanning tastes from all over the globe. At Lazy Dog Restaurants, canine guests are welcome to dine with their owners on the patio, making it very popular for dog lovers alike. With 10 locations in Southern California and more coming, Lazy Dog Restaurants is truly the place to be for a quick dinner with the family, a meandering meal with friends or a night out on the town!


Alcoholic beverages are the main source of reordering during a customer’s typical visit to Lazy Dog Restaurants. Speed and time of service is essential for drink reordering. The faster a drink can be delivered to a customer, the more time they will have to reorder those drinks again. Lazy Dog Restaurants wanted to increase the speed and accuracy of all drink orders being served to patrons.

This needed to be done without compromising the counter space at the bar for both customers and employees behind the bar. The previous ticketing system led to drink order tickets on the counter, causing a clutter and mess.

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