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An increasing challenge for today’s IT solutions providers is delivering and managing effective protection against online threats and malicious software attacks to clients with different antivirus products. Onboarding new client locations with or without an existing antivirus solution, administrative difficulties with separate antivirus consoles and a lack of automated best practices for security updates further complicates IT threat prevention, detection and management.

True to its word, LabTech Software continues to deliver innovative and vendor- agnostic solutions driven by the day-to-day needs of IT service administrators and the managed service providers (MSP) community. Experience teaches us that one size does not fit all when you need to deliver complete, comprehensive coverage regardless of your clients’ environment.

LabTech Software has teamed up with some of the most widely used and top-rated threat management solution providers to offer you the ability to choose exactly what you need to provide efficient and effective online and offline threat protection and management. LabTech’s single-pane-of-glass Multivendor Antivirus Management Dashboard and managed security policies for antivirus reduce administrative burdens to ensure you enhanced service quality, productivity and profitability.

To learn more about LabTech's Multivendor Antivirus Management Dashboard and the antivirus vendors that it supports, download the datasheet.