Video | August 30, 2012

Video: KeyServe County Government

Source: KeyMark Inc.

KeyMark understand the wants and needs of county governments. Document sharing between various departments, such as planning and accounting, is critical. Data access throughout the county is also important. Through our electronic image repository, employees can access the documents they need, regardless of their physical location. No more time will be spent waiting for a file to arrive from another location. Also, with multiple employees accessing the same document simultaneously, work processes are greatly improved. Various strategies are used for reducing manual data entry associated with document indexing, including database lookups in to external systems. This strategy is especially helpful when multiple records for the same project need to be created. Our solution delivers both improved employee satisfaction and improved customer service. Whether performing an online document search or talking to one of your customer service employees, your constituents will appreciate how quickly and accurately you respond to their records inquiry. And in the event of a disaster, you'll have peace of mind knowing that your county's records have not been lost forever.